The Pitfalls of Small-Time VoIP Players

July 28, 2015 - Paul Emond

Business closed signEvery now and then I catch wind of some new “business voip!” provider entering the Canadian telecommunications market and I cringe. I think of all the poor startups and SMBs that are going to fall prey to the promise of low-cost, innovative technology coming from these types of organizations.

The truth of the matter is that it takes time, experience, industry intelligence, and in-depth technical know-how in order to provide reliable business-class VoIP services. These small, fly-by-night operations are quite often here today, gone tomorrow. They offer no guarantees of long-term continuity and will likely negatively disrupt your business operations down the road. ... Continue Reading ...


Keep Your Support Where You Can See! The Importance of Canadian-Based Technical Support

July 21, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Canadian FlagHow many times have you called a company with a question about your bill, only to find yourself repeating your account number over and over again, trying to communicate with a machine, navigating complex menu options, waiting on hold, being passed back and forth between individuals and departments only to find yourself in the hands of a customer service representative located 9 time zones away? As the Toronto Star puts it, Canadians are losing their cool with bad customer service. ... Continue Reading ...


We’ve Discovered a New Breed of Dinosaur!

July 14, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Discovering dinosaur telecom providers, Bell, Rogers, TelusIt’s the stench of overpriced services, the footprint of outdated hardware, the rare and elusive sightings of on-demand technical support…

You might have thought that all of the dinosaurs went extinct a long, long time ago but unfortunately, our compadres in the industry are working around the clock (or rather, not working enough) to keep them alive. ... Continue Reading ...


Versature’s Vibe – The Importance of Corporate Culture in 2015

July 07, 2015 - Paul Emond

Versature Hockey RinkAt Versature, we have always strived to raise the bar in a very stagnant Canadian telecommunications industry. With our cost-saving, innovative cloud-based technology and renowned Canadian-based customer service, setting ourselves apart from our competitors (can you say “dinosaurs”?) has never been a problem for us. But there’s more to building a great company than great technology and great services. To get ourselves where we are today, we have built Versature on the foundation of a great corporate culture. ... Continue Reading ...


Versature Executive Featured in Globe and Mail

June 23, 2015 - Anastasia Valentine

247sherman00sr1Recently the Globe and Mail stopped by Versature HQ to interview our CTO, Adam Sherman for their 24/7 Executives feature.  24/7 Executives is a series of stories on high-performing professionals who are as serious at play as they are in the conference room. ... Continue Reading ...


Versature Shares Salesforce Best Practices for Rollout, Adoption & Integration

June 16, 2015 - Jonathon Moody

Recently I was asked to speak at the Salesforce World Tour on the topic of how Versature leverages Salesforce to improve our business processes and communication. As the VP of Operations at Versature, keeping the activities of the Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Onboarding, and Support teams optimized and connected is one of my top priorities.

How Versature Uses Salesforce ... Continue Reading ...


Step by Step Strategy to add VoIP to Your MSP Offerings

June 10, 2015 - Anastasia Valentine

Recently Versature attended the ChannelNext Central event to introduce MSP’s to a step by step strategy to add VoIP to their offerings and build their business.  Our Sales Manager, Keni Gibson was interviewed at the event by eCNTV to talk about the Versature trust factor, our white glove service and our offerings for customers and MSP’s.

... Continue Reading ...


Versature Wins 2015 Canadian Telecom Employer of Choice Award (CTEOC)

June 02, 2015 - Paul Emond

Versature is proud to receive the Canadian Telecom Employer of Choice (CTEOC) award today at the Canadian Telecom Summit being held in Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian Telecom Summit is the largest and most prestigious gathering of stakeholders in Canadian communications and IT industries.

“We have built an incredible work environment here at Versature and are proud to be recognized among some major players as the employer of choice,” says Paul Emond, CEO of Versature Corp. “Receiving the CTEOC award is a clear signal that not only is Versature disrupting the Canadian telecom industry with our technology but with our culture and talent as well.” ... Continue Reading ...

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Cloud Collaboration Tools & Best Practices

May 26, 2015 - Anastasia Valentine

Cloud CollaborationVersature participated in the recent Startup Canada TweetChat alongside featured guests from Microsoft, NPC Data Guard, CRM Portal Connector, TWT Group, event sponsor QuickBooks, and Versature’s own Cloud-technology subject matter expert + VP Operations, Jonathon Moody. The group had a great discussion about the types of tools organizations of all sizes are using to collaborate with their team and clients, improve productivity, and make business processes like accounting, CRM, and overall communications more efficient. ICYMI, here’s a recap of the conversation! ... Continue Reading ...


Versature Welcomes Technology Marketing Leader Anastasia Valentine to Executive Team

May 14, 2015 - Paul Emond

Anastasia Valentine, VP Marketing, VersatureVersature is pleased to announce the newest member of the company’s executive team, Ms. Anastasia Valentine. Anastasia will be fulfilling the new role of Vice President, Marketing to nurture Versature’s growing client base of Canadian Hosted PBX subscribers.

Ms. Valentine joins Versature after 20 successful years in marketing and product management in the technology sector. She has been heading ANVIVA International, her own marketing consultancy, for the past 5 years providing strategic business, product and marketing services to various entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune companies. Prior to starting ANVIVA, Anastasia held lead marketing and technical roles at IBM, Cognos, Jetform Corporation, SHL Systemhouse, Corel, and more. Anastasia will continue serving as a Board Member for hEr VOLUTION.
... Continue Reading ...