#StartupChats – Customer Success for your Startup

September 01, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Startup Canada LogoVersature recently tweeted alongside featured guests Jonathon Moody (@jonathonmoody), our own VP Operations and cofounder; Rivers Corbett from Relish Gourmet Burgers (@riverscorbett); Patrick Lyver, Founder and CEO of Kleurvision (@Kleurvision); Patrizio Spagnoletto, CMO of SteelHouse (@Steelhouse); Nat Cartwright, Co-founder of Payso (@natcartwrite); and last but not least,  Ashley Hobb, Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant (@AHobb).

It was another lively #StartupChats tweetup organized by the social media experts over at Startup Canada. Guests discussed all things Customer Success related, from the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success to things like key tools, best practices, corporate culture, hiring the right people to enable greater Customer Success.

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Join Versature! Now Hiring an OnBoarding Specialist

August 25, 2015 - Jonathon Moody

Wanted! Onboarding ProfessionalYou’ve heard of Versature. The company is growing, we have an amazing corporate culture, and when it comes to our approach to customer care… well, let’s just say it’s extreme. What you haven’t heard is that we are looking for a new member of our OnBoarding Team! ... Continue Reading ...


So Hot Right Now – SaaS Edition

August 18, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Melting orange popsicle, from DreamstimeYou may have seen some of our previous posts on the SaaS market, including our Choosing the Right SaaS Tools webinar recap - full of juicy discussion takeaways from our panel of cloud industry pros – our summary of Startup Canada’s TweetChat on Cloud Collaboration Tools & Best Practices where Versature joined guests from Microsoft, NPC Data Guard, CRM Portal Connector, TWT Group, and event sponsor QuickBooks to discuss tools for startup collaboration, and our “Make it Rain Business Using the Cloud” by Versature CEO Paul Emond. As this industry is in a constant state of flux and we ourselves have amped up our usage of Pardot, Hootsuite, WhatFix, and a number of other SaaS tools, I thought it was already time to revisit the topic. So here we go! ... Continue Reading ...


CPA Firm Breathes Sigh of Relief after Implementing Versature VoIP Solution

August 12, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Smith & West CPASmith & West Chartered Professional Accountants, an accounting firm in Ottawa, provides accounting services to clients ranging from small business owners to growing organizations requiring ongoing assistance with their accounting. The team had been researching business VoIP solutions, knowing that the features and benefits afforded by SaaS-based communications technology were what the forward-thinking accounting firm needed to support their client needs.

Always striving to support the local economy, the firm went with another Ottawa-based telecommunications provider. Problems with the VoIP system serviced by this vendor started soon after implementation, including dropped calls, misrouted callers, and random phone reboots. This wasn’t the experience Smith & West expected nor wanted for their clients and team, forcing the firm to start the research process over and look for a new, stable, business-friendly solution. ... Continue Reading ...


Invest Ottawa Shines the Spotlight on Versature

July 30, 2015 - Anastasia Valentine
Paul Emond, CEO Versature

Paul Emond, CEO Versature

On the heels of winning Telecom Employer Choice of the Year, we recently hosted Invest Ottawa in the Versature environment to interview our CEO, Paul Emond, about building and growing a business in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa.

“From Alexander Graham Bell to Steve Jobs, there has been a lot of change in the telecommunications sector in the last 140 years. Ottawa has had a hand in contributing to this innovation by being the first city to lease telephones for commercial use to Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie in 1877, followed by the first common battery telephone system in Canada installed by Bell in 1900. Now, a local company called Versature has decided to continue tradition of evolving technology by creating a business phone service that is accessible over the internet. Their “Hosted PBX” phone service facilitates a localized atmosphere by allowing employees the freedom to connect from wherever they are in the world. With this, companies are no longer faced with the limitations of using a physical server (which resides in a single place) by allowing users to make and receive phone calls on the web.”

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The Pitfalls of Small-Time VoIP Players

July 28, 2015 - Paul Emond

Business closed signEvery now and then I catch wind of some new “business voip!” provider entering the Canadian telecommunications market and I cringe. I think of all the poor startups and SMBs that are going to fall prey to the promise of low-cost, innovative technology coming from these types of organizations.

The truth of the matter is that it takes time, experience, industry intelligence, and in-depth technical know-how in order to provide reliable business-class VoIP services. These small, fly-by-night operations are quite often here today, gone tomorrow. They offer no guarantees of long-term continuity and will likely negatively disrupt your business operations down the road. ... Continue Reading ...


Keep Your Support Where You Can See It! The Importance of Canadian-Based Technical Support

July 21, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Canadian FlagHow many times have you called a company with a question about your bill, only to find yourself repeating your account number over and over again, trying to communicate with a machine, navigating complex menu options, waiting on hold, being passed back and forth between individuals and departments only to find yourself in the hands of a customer service representative located 9 time zones away? As the Toronto Star puts it, Canadians are losing their cool with bad customer service. ... Continue Reading ...


We’ve Discovered a New Breed of Dinosaur!

July 14, 2015 - Sarah Dingman

Discovering dinosaur telecom providers, Bell, Rogers, TelusIt’s the stench of overpriced services, the footprint of outdated hardware, the rare and elusive sightings of on-demand technical support…

You might have thought that all of the dinosaurs went extinct a long, long time ago but unfortunately, our compadres in the industry are working around the clock (or rather, not working enough) to keep them alive. ... Continue Reading ...


Versature’s Vibe – The Importance of Corporate Culture in 2015

July 07, 2015 - Paul Emond

Versature Hockey RinkAt Versature, we have always strived to raise the bar in a very stagnant Canadian telecommunications industry. With our cost-saving, innovative cloud-based technology and renowned Canadian-based customer service, setting ourselves apart from our competitors (can you say “dinosaurs”?) has never been a problem for us. But there’s more to building a great company than great technology and great services. To get ourselves where we are today, we have built Versature on the foundation of a great corporate culture. ... Continue Reading ...


Versature Executive Featured in Globe and Mail

June 23, 2015 - Anastasia Valentine

247sherman00sr1Recently the Globe and Mail stopped by Versature HQ to interview our CTO, Adam Sherman for their 24/7 Executives feature.  24/7 Executives is a series of stories on high-performing professionals who are as serious at play as they are in the conference room. ... Continue Reading ...